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Project: Leadenhall Market Refurbishment, London

Client: City of London Corporation


Architect: The City Surveyors Department

Budget: £800,000

Timeframe: A five-year period, completed in phases

To refurbish sympathetically this grade II* listed building – all while the shops and restaurant below remained occupied. A lot was on the line, because this iconic 14th century building (featured in films such as Harry Potter, Hereafter and Brannigan) isn’t just an important lifestyle venue – it’s an architectural attraction in its own right.

The phases were all delivered according to time and budget without a single complaint or incident.

How we did it:
To minimise disruption to visitors we carried out work in 12-week phases – one a year for five years.

From the raising of the scaffolding (which included an air tight enveloping of the site to ensure diners in the restaurants below were not affected by moisture or dust) to the final brush strokes, we were able to ensure that – as well as carrying out our work to the highest standards – we didn’t impact on the work of any neighbouring stakeholders. 


Our full refurbishment included leadwork, roof slating, glazing, joinery repairs, stucco repairs and renewals to cast iron rainwater goods. We also carried out a full redecoration, restoring antique artworks, frescoes and precious gold and silver leaf work.

This required nothing short of top-level expertise. By retaining the same highly skilled, directly employed labour and management teams, we ensured we had the right know how while creating a sense of continuity in what could have been a complex and disjointed project.

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