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Project: Fire precaution upgrades to properties in multiple occupation

Client: Pathways Housing Association


Architect: Ridge Chartered Surveyors

Budget: £1,400,000

Timeframe: 52 weeks over three years

Brief: Framework contract for fire precaution upgrades


An estate of largely listed, fully-occupied Victorian properties required fire precaution upgrades to gain an approved fire certification from the local fire officer.


Over a period of three years, we carried out approximately £4,000,000 of fire upgrades and refurbishments.

The projects were highly successful and the collaborative working methods adopted by the design team, client and ourselves resulted in a great working relationship.

Throughout the contract there were no accidents and the fire officer from Shepherds Bush complemented the company on its high-level of quality and compliance – the like of which he had rarely seen before.

How we did it:

The projects were professionally managed by our long-standing contacts, surveying and RLO teams, while the works were carried out by our directly-employed trades team – renowned for its high-quality workmanship – and our tried and tested specialist subcontractors.


New fire alarms were fitted along with new or upgraded fire doors, frames, closers and ironmongery. New emergency lighting was fitted throughout, and bespoke new fire-rated meter cupboards were designed and manufactured in or own joinery workshop before being fitted on site.


All surfaces were surveyed and given Class O spread of flames coatings before the properties were finally re-decorated and given new floor coverings and nosings.

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